Şule – Muzaffer Büyük Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Mobility


Explaining the philosophies of open hardware and open software.

Explanation of the Arduino board with its types.

Introduction of equipment used in electronics and sample experiments.

“Knight Rider” making project: Making the lights in front of the car in the movie Knight Rider, which was an unforgettable movie from our childhood.

“We make sounds with our cards.”: After explaining the buzzer sensor and its use, we made music. We provide students with song notes


Project “Create a color yourself”: Explain the concepts of what color is and how it arises, and then we explain the potentiometer sensor and the 3 colors.

diodes (RBG) and their use.

Project “Let’s make a remote control”: Introduction to the infrared sensor and explanation of the remote control, and then command of the LED diodes and the buzzer sensor.

connected to our project through Arduino.

“It’s raining?” Project: Description of the rain sensor. When rain is detected through the sensor, the circuit is activated that allows our project to alert us with sound or

The light was installed and the project was completed by writing the necessary codes.


“Screen Emoji Project”: After explaining how a letter and a character are formed, the use of the 8×8 dot matrix module was explained. The students were asked to

They will create the emojis and letters they want, whether written or numerical.

“Air Temperature Reporting Project”: After explaining that the ambient air temperature and the amount of humidity can be measured by the NTC sensor, the use of 2 lines

LCD screen explained. By combining these two sensors, the ambient temperature is written to the LCD as Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

together with the percentage of moisture.

“Let’s Convert Colors to Text Project”: The project that transforms the main colors into text on the screen was done after the explanation of the color of the TCS3200.

Detection sensor and Nokia 5110 LCD screen.

4) DAY

“Simple Parking Sensor Project” – The HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and its use were described. We made a sensor very similar to the car parking sensor.

using LED light and doorbell. The sound emitted a signal and the LED illuminated at the distance intervals that we determined.

“Make the digital meter yourself!”: It was explained that the distance can be calculated using the travel and return time of the audio signal. Reinforcement

was performed using a 2-digit LCD display along with the previously learned HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor.


“Making of Arduino Robotic Arm”: Explained how to make a robotic arm and where to use it. 3D printer technology was described and used.