Campus MAX STEM Tessenderlo Mobility

In this LTT our goal has been to enhance the students’ skills as professionals and leaders in 3D Design and Laser Cutting and to become the key ambassadors in their own schools. They have experimented with different materials, such as wood, plastics, and metals.

Students have learned how to create a vehicle with an Arduino compatible car kit, how to build it, program it with Arduino, and draw and create a exterior design for the car with a laser cutter.

Day 1. Pre-test. Introduction and assembly of the automatic kit. Start programming with Arduino. Learn to work with Arduino: programming and coding

Day 2. Creating the programmable controls for the auto kit on the smartphone

Day 3. Technopolis Excursion – Visit the city of Antwerp

Day 4. Explanation of the laser cutter and learning to operate it. Learn the programs to control the laser cutter.

Day 5. Final result – assembly and testing of the project. Organize a competition between the final results of agility, skill and speed. Post test and certification.

The expected results have been: a better understanding of Arduino, 3D and laser cutting